Welcome to The Reyna Collection. We are a premier multi-line resource group located in the Dallas Market Center. We represent the following companies: Art Of Old India, Amita, Bluworld of Water, Green Concept, House of Asia, Midwest Tropical, Tropical Creations USA, Water Wonders, and X-Clusive Bronze.

We also carry the following: Antiquity Chancay Dolls from ancient Peru, Antique Potteries from Brazil, Tribal Arts & Borneo Artifacts from exotic Sarawak and Bali, Opium Beds, Wooden Bowls, and collectable World War II (WWII) Japanese money.

We hope our various eclectic design "story telling" vignettes of cleverly blending traditional timeless pieces with contemporary ones will help to facilitate you in sharing your fresh new ideas and creativity with your clients by enhancing their buying experience without compromising on taste, rather flavoring it with a touch of decor elegance.

Lucky Dragon, Sink Chest, Bone Inlay Armoire, Floor Screen, Ormolu Jars, Amita, Art of Old IndiaCertified Green Furniture from Brazil
Antique Columns and DoorsMeditating Bronze Buddha
iAqua SystemMidwest Custom Bubble Columns
Certified Green Furniture from BrazilAntique Santos, Antique Door Armoire, Antique Tabernacle, Antique Grill Table, Antique Door, Art of Old India
Porcelain Vase, Ormolu Jars, Antique Dear Heads, Antique Chancay Dolls, Antique Horse, Amita, Art of Old IndiaContemporary Furniture, Wicker & Rattan, Floor Screens, Tropical Creations
Grande Water Fountain, Antique Altar Table, Antique Bowls, Porcelain Vases, Bluworld, Amita, Tribal Arts, Tropical CreationsAntique Wooden Horses, Antique Chest, Antique Chancay Dolls, Antique Dear Heads, Temple Jars, Abaca Furniture, Art of Old India, Amita, Jeffan Intl, Tropical Creations
Antique Floor Screen, Antique Altar Tables, Garden Stools, Foot Bath, Antique Columns, Amita, Art of Old IndiaAntique Mirror, Ormolu Jars, Fresco, Antique Trunk, Abaca Furniture, Amita, Jeffan Intl, Art of Old India
Antique Bone Inlay ColumnsGrande Water Fountain, Antique Ceiling, Antique Door, Antique Mirror, Vase, Antique Pots, Amita, Art Of Old India, Bluworld
Antique Ironwood Doors & Shutters, Antique Bookshelf, Antique Ironwood Statues, Tribal Arts, Art of Old IndiaAntique Trunks, Antique Columns, Antique Door Armoire, Water Fountain, Bluworld, Art of Old India
Antique Chests, Antique Mirrors, Antique Bookshelves, Tribal Masks, Tribal Arts, Art of Old IndiaSliver Mirror Grande Water Fountain, Antique Altar Table, Antique Dough Bowl, Antique Chancay Dolls, Jeffan Hanging Lamps, Martina Club Chairs, Porcelain Vases, Art of Old India, Amita, Jeffan Intl, Tropical Creations, Tribal Arts

Art Of Old India: we specialize in architectural antiques, antique columns, accent mirrors with antique frames, antique ceilings, marble table tops, antique doors, bone in lay furniture, painted trunks and sideboards, antique armoires, frescos, antique grill coffee tables made from architectural adornments, antique tabernacles, antique candle holders, antique Santos, and bed spreads hand made from pieces of saris and silk embroidery.

Amita: we offer a collection of fine Chinese painted porcelain vases, planters, ormolu fishbowls, and ormolu jars. Custom-made porcelain lamps with a wide collection of lampshades are also available.

Bluworld of Water: we offer an exquisite collection of Custom Architecturally Sculpted Water Features, iAQUA System, Water Curtain, and Waterfalls for residential, corporate, hospitality, spa and retail. Please click on this link to see our Online Portfolio.

From our consumer line, our beautiful water fountains range in measurements from 30"T x 12"W x 7"D (tabletop fountains) to our waterwalls measuring up to 120"T x 48"W x 24"D (floor fountains) is sure to add a nice touch of calmness, serenity, and feng shui elegance to any decor.

Green Concept: we offer an exquisite collection of handmade certified "Green Furniture" beautifully crafted from recycled Peroba Rosa wood from Brazil. For individuals who have an interest in preserving this grand old wood, each piece is an irreplaceable embodiment of a vibrant heritage drawn from the ancient strength and beauty of the now-protected Atlantic Rain Forest.

House of Asia - we offer the finest collection of handmade decorative lighting in the industry. Made from natural elements of fiber, bamboo, and cotton, our simple yet elegant lamps meet all U.S. electrical codes requirements.

Midwest Tropical: we offer a unique and exotic collection of Custom Water Features, Water Fountains, Aqua Tables, Aqua Bubble Columns, Aqua Bubble Panels, Aqua Lamps and Aqua Palm Trees, and Aquariums made from the highest grade - cell-cast acrylic to compliment any commercial or residential setting with a nice touch of decor elegance.

Artistically design to serve as beautiful luminary pieces of art; they can enhance any decor with their beautiful ambient light by converting any living space into a more relaxing place with a nice touch of sensuality.

Tribal Arts & Borneo Artifacts: we offer various artifacts ranging from antiquity Chancay Dolls from the Chancay culture (800AD) in Peru; Ceremonial masks, Warrior shields, Pua Kumbu textile, Hand carved ironwood doors & windows from Sarawak and Bali; and Antique Potteries from Brazil.

Tropical Creations USA: we offer the finest collection of "Casual Elegance" contemporary furniture and home accents made from abaca, rattan, and wicker. Our factories use only the best quality natural fibers, supplies and experienced artisans to make our products.

Water Wonders: we offer a variety of consumer, and custom-designed copper and slate water fountains handcrafted with exact detail to meet your lifestyle and taste.

By integrating natural elements - such as copper, slate, marble, glass and pebbles in our water sculptures, we are able to present the sights, sounds and the essence of nature to any commercial or residential settings with a touch of decor elegance. Please click on this link to see our various consumer products (tabletop fountains, wall fountains, and floor fountains).

X-Clusive Bronze: we offer the most extensive bronze collection in the world for applications in both commercial and residential settings. All of our pieces are cast by the ancient method known as the "Lost Wax Process" to ensure the highest quality and beauty of each bronze pieces.

Our collection include bronze statuary, bronze children, bronze fountains, bronze religious figures, bronze birds, bronze horses, bronze lions, bronze planters, bronze urns, bronze mermaids, bronze dolphins, bronze cowboys and Indians, and many more.

Rare Finds: we offer several hard to find items - opium beds, wooden bowls hand carved from teakwood roots, collectable World War II (WWII) Japanese money, and a few other unique and exotic pieces from Borneo, China, India, and Thailand.

Our showroom is located at:
9056 World Trade Center
2050 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas Texas 75207

Please call us at: 214.658.8896

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